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Interview with David Quantick

There's an interview with the scriptwriter David Quantick about the upcoming production of Snodgrass if you go about 1.38 mins into this link... 



Snodgrass Coming to the Small Screen

My short story 'Snodgrass' is as due to appear on 25 April here in the UK as part of the latest Sky Playhouse series. The premise is the life a John Lennon who quit the Beatles just before they became famous, and ended up living in Birmingham and working for a while in the civil service (so no personal parallels there at all), whilst the Beatles went on to became almost as big as The Hollies, or the Bee Gees… Here are three photographs taken at the shoot.
David Quantic wrote the script, and the old John is played by Ian Hart, who has previous in this role.




The Discovered Country

I’m pleased to report that I’ve sold a new short story called The Discovered Country to Asimov’s SF Magazine. It’s a long and, I think, ambitious piece set in a castle called Elsinore in the land of the dead. More anon…


Wake Up and Dream Wins Sidewise Award

wake-up-and-dream-finalI'm pleased to report that my most recent novel, Wake Up and Dream, has won the 2012 Sidewise Award for alternate histories (long form).  You can still purchase the book as a limited edition from PS Publishing using these links: signed limited edition and trade edition. It is also available as an ebook and audiobook.


Science Fiction: the 101 Best Novels 1985--2010

My 2005 novel, The House of Storms, has been included as one of the selections in the recently published guide Science Fiction: the 101 Best Novels 1985-2010 by Damien Broderick and Paul di Filippo (Nonstop Press). Here's a quote from the entry: "Is this, then, an essay in steampunk,  a version of Gibson's and Sterling's remarkable The Difference Engine?. . . Not quite. At almost every point in his narrative arc, or beautifully  wrought, longeur-filled meander, MacLeod looks somewhere else. He is deliberately avoiding the vulgarly obvious. . . "


A New Story. . . and one recycled

 I'm pleased to say that my new story, 'Tumbling Nancy' has been published in the latest issue of Subterranean Magazine and 'The Cold Step Beyond,' from Asimov's Magazine, June 2011, is now available in the 29th volume of Gardner Dozois' anthology series The Year's Best Science Fiction.


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