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The Bonny Boy

Original story in collection Past Magic, PS Publishing, 2006


Asimov’s, May 2002
Science Fiction Best of 2002
Best New SF 20
Best of the Best ed. Dozois
The Mammoth Book of the Best of the Best New SF ed. Dozois

The Camping Wainwrights

Postscripts, Winter 2008
The Years’s Best Horror, 2009 edited by Stephen Jones

Chitty Bang Bang

Asimov's Jun 2000

The Chop Girl

(winner of the World Fantasy Award)
Asimov's Dec-99
Best Fantasy and Horror 13 ed. Datlow

The Cold Step Beyond

Asimov's June-2011

The Crane Method

Subterranean Magazine, Spring 2011

The Dead Orchards

Weird Tales Spring 1994
Best New Horror 6
James Goddard, 2006 (a limited edition of 30 copies)

The Discovered Country

Asimov's, September 2013

The Year's Best SF and Fantasy 2014, ed Rich Horton

The Year's Best SF 35th Edition, ed Gardner Dozois


Extraordinary Engines, ed. Nick Gevers (Solaris, October 2008)

Ellen O'Hara

Asimov's Feb-95

The English Mutiny

Asimov's October/November 2008
The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories, ed. Ian Watsson & Ian Whates, Robinson, 2010


Asimov's December 2013

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume 8, ed Jonathan Strahan

The Year's Best SF 35th Edition, ed Gardner Dozois

The Family Football

Interzone Nov-91
Best of Interzone
Weird Tales Spring 1999

Frost on Glass

From Frost on Glass (title novella in a short story collection) Ian R MacLeod

The Giving Mouth

Asimov's Mar-91
Steampunk, ed. Jeff & Ann VanderMeer, Tachyon, 2008

The Golden Keeper

Asimov's Oct/Nov-97
Eternal Lovecraft ed Turner
Isaac Asimov’s Halloween


Asimov's Mid Dec 1990
Best Fantasy and Horror 4


Asimov's Jun-92
Best New SF 10
Isaac Asimov’s Skin Deep
Flying Cups and Saucers

Hector Douglas Makes a Sale

Hector Douglas Makes a Sale, PS Publishing, 2011 (promotional booklet)

The Hob Carpet

Asimov’s, June 2008

Home Time

F&SF Feb-98

The Howl (with Martin Sketchley)

Solaris Rising 3, ed Ian Whates

Isabel of the Fall

Interzone #169 2001
Best New SF 19

Letter to Will

Six Stories, West Midlands Writers' Network, 2014

Living in Sin

Amazing Jan-91


Asimov's May-91
Best New SF 9

The Master Miller’s Tale

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 2007
Fantasy: The Best of the Year, 2008 Edition, ed. Rich Horton


Dying For It ed Dozois
Best New SF 15
Asimov's Jul-98
Supermen ed Dozois
Beyond Flesh ed Dozois

New Light on The Drake Equation

e-zine SciFiction May 02 2001
Best New SF 19
The Best of the Best, Volume 2: Twenty Years of the Best Short Science Fiction Novels, ed. Dozois


F&SF Dec-95

The Noonday Pool

F&SF May-95

1/72nd Scale

Weird Tales Fall 1990
Best New Horror 2
Nebula Awards 26
Giant Book of Best New Horror (ed. Jones 1993)
Best of Weird Tales

On the Sighting of Other Islands

Celebration ed. Ian Whates (Newcon Press, March 2008)


Asimov's Oct-93
Best New SF 11
Isaac Asimov’s Father’s Day

Past Magic

Interzone Sep-90
Best New SF 8
Clones (ed. Dann & Dozois)

The Perfect Stranger

F&SF Dec-91

Re-Crossing the Styx

F & SF, July/August 2010

The Réparateur of Strasbourg

Chapbook, PS Publishing 2013


Interzone Oct-92
Pirate Writings Spring 1995

The Roads

Asimov's Apr-97
James Goddard, 2005 (limited edition of 30 copies)


F&SF May-94

Second Journey of the Magus

In Subterranean Online, Winter 2010


In Dreams (Gollancz ed McAuley/Newman)
Best New SF 10
Best New Horror 4
Giant Book of Terror

Starship Day

Asimov's Jul-95
Best New SF 13

The Summer Isles

(winner of the World Fantasy Award)
Asimov's Oct/Nov-98
Best New SF 16

Swimmers Beneath the Skin

Asimov's Oct/Nov-96

Taking Good Care of Myself

Nature Magazine, 4 May 2006, Vol 441, issue 7089
Year's Best SF 12 edited by Hartwell and Cramer, Eos, 2007
Futures From Nature : 100 Speculative Fictions, ed. Henry Gee


Interzone Jul/Aug 1989


F&SF Feb-95
Best New Horror 7 ed Jones

Topping Off the Spire

In Topping Off the Spire , 2008

The Traveller and the Book

Subterranean, Spring 2014

Tumbling Nancy

Subterranean Summer 2012

Two Sleepers

Century #6 2000


F&SF Oct/Nov-96

The Visitor from Taured

Asimov's, September 2016


Interzone March/April 1990
Pulphouse Sept/Oct 1992
Interzone 5th Anthology

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