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The Summer Isles

In the chart below
“W” = winner, “F” = finalist or shortlisted, “Y” = yes
1/72nd Scale Nebula Award, novelette 1991   Y
Grownups Tiptree Award 1993 Y
Returning British SF Award, short fiction 1993 Y
The Great Wheel Locus Award, best first novel 1998 Y
The Summer Isles Sidewise Award, short form 1999 Y
World Fantasy Award, novella 1999 Y
Hugo Award, best novella 1999 Y
Sturgeon Award 1999 Y
Asimov’s Readers Poll Award, novella 1999 Y
The Chop Girl World Fantasy Award, short fiction 2000 Y
Asimov's Readers Poll Award, novelette 2000 Y
Hugo Award, novelette 2000 Y
Sturgeon Award 2002 Y
Seiun Award, translated story 2002 Y
Isabel of the Fall Sturgeon Award 2002 Y
British SF Award, short story 2002 Y
New Light on the Drake Equation Sturgeon Award 2003 Y
Breathmoss Hugo Award, novella 2003 Y
Asimov's Readers Poll Award, novella 2003 Y
Sturgeon Award 2003 Y
Nebula Award, novella 2004 Y
The Light Ages World Fantasy Award, novel 2004 Y
The Summer Isles Sidewise Award, long form 2005 Y
The Summer Isles John W. Campbell Memorial Award 2006 Y
Song of Time Arthur C. Clarke Award 2009 Y
Campbell Award 2009 Y
The Summer Isles (collection) Seiun Award 2009 Y
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