Ian R Macleod

Frost on Glass

First Edition:  PS Publishing 2015 buy ebook from amazon
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MacLeod has long established himself as one of the most capable SF writers at crafting elegant sentences and evoking sensually convincing worlds, but he’s also one who puts ingredients together like no one else.
Gary K Wolfe, Locus, June 2015
The Publisher says:
As well as eleven dazzling stories that explore strange pasts and new futures, there are pieces drawn from the writer’s life, substantial commentaries on the origins and development of each of the stories, and a major new essay on how ideas are developed.

Both a magnificent gathering of fiction and a penetrating examination of the craft of writing,Frost on Glass memorably showcases and analyses the storytelling genius of Ian R. MacLeod.
Don't Look Back (Introduction) I've Got This Idea For a Story
Hector Douglas Makes a Sale The Crane Method
A Truncated Life in Books The Decline of the English Ghost Story
The Cold Step Beyond Letter to Will
A Concise and Ready Guide Me and the Mushroom Cloud
An Empty Grey Cell of One's Own Tumbling Nancy
Re-Crossing the Styx Frost on Glass
The Travellers and the Book Volcanoes and Dinosaurs (afterword)
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