Ian R Macleod

The House of Storms

artsexylightboxartsexylightboxartsexylightboxartsexylightbox First Edition: Simon & Schuster, London, 2005 buy from amazon
Ian MacLeod writes like an angel. It's as simple as that. He strings together ideally chosen words into sentences that are variously lush, sparse, subtle, bold, joyous, mournful, comic or tragic. These sentences mount into perfectly balanced paragraphs, which in turn assemble themselves into poised and dramatically organic chapters. The reader is carried along effortlessly on the flow of MacLeod's prose, internalizing his vision as if in a dream.
Paul di Filippo on scifi.com
The Publisher says:
An astonishing work of imagination, Ian R. Macleod has created a truly original world, one that is strangely recognizable and yet utterly new, an England made of magic, but set amongst familiar hills and cities.
© 2017 Ian R. Macleod
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