Ian R Macleod

The Summer Isles

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Ian R. MacLeod’s The Summer Isles combines the profound melancholy of Orwell with the precise observance of Graham Green. Bursting with the somber humanity of its narrator, the novel and its imagined millieu are charged with such emotional clarity, they seem artifacts of a history truer than the one we know.
Lucius Shepard
The Publisher says:
A powerfully gripping story of a closeted homosexual trying to survive in an alternate history London , Hugo finalist Ian R. MacLeod's novella The Summer Isles took readers by storm in 1998. First published in Asimov's Science Fiction, the novella explored what might happen had England become the equivalent of Nazi Germany. The novella went on to become a finalist for the 1999 Hugo Award and took home the 1999 World Fantasy Award.
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