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I've just sold a new story called Tumbling Nancy to Subterranean Press. It features a writer of dreadful children's fiction, and an even more dreadful literary agent.  Should appear some time next year in their online magazine. More news and a link to this as and when.


Gardner Dozois has just confirmed that my story "Re-Crossing the Styx" will be appearing in the next Year's Best. Just like old times, and quite a few years since I've managed this. Obviously helps if you write some short SF!


Yes - it's here! A Young Person's Guide to Journeys and a wee bit more as well. This is an exclusive for site members, so you'll either need to log on or create an account and then select the Members Only option that appears at the foot of the main menu.


wt356Here's the rather lovely cover of the current edition of Weird Tales featuring my story, A Concise and Ready Guide. Look no further if you're seeking guidance on vampire etiquette!

 The link to their site is...








I've just sold a new story to Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. It's called The Cold Step Beyond, and is a belated (although long-planned) return to the universe of Breathmoss and Isabel of the Fall. More info as and when.


An old story of my called The Family Football is getting a new airing in a anthology of writing to showcase the charity Read International, who do excellent work to promote literacy in Africa. It's called "It Started With A Book" and also includes works by students involved in the charity's projects. Look out for more details at their website at http://www.readinternational.org.uk/


Cinema_FuturaI have an essay on Stanley Kubrick's film of Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange in the forthcoming book Cinema Futura, a collection of essays on SF cinema edited by Mark Morris and forthcoming from PS Publishing. More details here.






My new short story, Re-crossing the Styx, is now available as a free (and legal) pdf download courtesy of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, just go to http://www.suvudu.com/freelibrary/ and help yourself.

There is also an audio version of the issue of F&SF containing my story for sale at http://www.fandsfaudio.com/, this will be of interest to all who enjoy audio books and also to dedicated followers of all matters MacLeodian---I can testify that it's a great reading.  



I'll be appearing and giving a talk at a John W Campbell conference in Rome on the weekend of July 10th. There doesn't seem to be anything up about it yet, but here's a link to the venue: http://en.museodiromaintrastevere.it/


The July/August 2010 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction includes my story Re-Crossing the Styx as the fiction lead.







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