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A New Story. . . and one recycled

 I'm pleased to say that my new story, 'Tumbling Nancy' has been published in the latest issue of Subterranean Magazine and 'The Cold Step Beyond,' from Asimov's Magazine, June 2011, is now available in the 29th volume of Gardner Dozois' anthology series The Year's Best Science Fiction.


Listen To My Novels

Song of Time The Great Wheel
Wake Up and Dream The Summer Isles

I'm pleased to say that four of my novels, including the two most recently published, are now available as audiobooks and can be purchased at Audible or I-Tunes by clicking these links. Song of Time plays for in excess of 12 hours. The reader is the actress Rachel Atkins. I've now listened to her, and she really captures the tone and feel superbly well. Here's a novel, if ever there was one, which was always intended to speak, literally, into the reader's mind... The Great Wheel is read by Colin Mace, who has appeared in many films and TV dramas, including Eastenders, and has a running time of more than 14 hours. Jeff Harding, who reads Wake Up and Dream, running time more than 12 hours, is an american actor living in the UK, he appears regularly on TV and has recorded many audiobooks including The Da Vinci Code. Steve Hodson, who reads The Summer Isles, has enjoyed a long career as both a British TV actor and a voice actor, this one runs for more than thirteen hours. All titles are unabridged and can be purchased for £18.99 each on Audible, although deals are available when you sign up for membership.



I'm a writer and novelist. This personal website is designed to provide a brief overview of my work and keep interested parties up to date with my projects.

For the latest news about my work choose News from the main menu.

My ‘in print’ books can be purchased from all good booksellers or specialist dealers and from amazon.co.uk or amazon.com via the BOOKSTORE item in the main menu.


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