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Richard Thompson

...is a songwriter and guitarist who’s done more than anyone to take the essentially American tone of the modern popular song and turn it into something timelessly English. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight remains his defining masterpiece, but all and any of his work gives instant rewards, and repays prolonged attention.


Robert Fripp

...is a maverick genius, and an influence far beyond his brilliance as a musician. Fripp plays as no one else can play and, in the pomp of late-period King Crimson albums such as Red and Starless and Bible Black , produced ensemble rock music of a strangeness, beauty and power which I don’t believe has ever been equalled. Then, with Exposure , he produced an unparalled vision which mingled Gurdjieff with urban angst. Beyond that, his endless curiosity about the world and willingness to experiment both personally and musically continue to fascinate.


Keith Roberts'

...Pavane is a novel which stands up against any of the classics of modern literature. SF should never have been the same after its publication, although in truth it bumbled on in its same old insular way. At his best, Roberts is a dazzling writer, unequalled in his insight into character and sense of place. If I had to single out one other piece, it would have to be his short story Weihnachtabend , which I’ve probably read more times than any other single piece of fiction. 

Nick Roeg’s

...greatest achievement will, for me, always be Don’t Look Now . His concern and compassion, his love of light and dark, his endless touches of detail and insight, make this film so much more than the ground-breaking psychological thriller it undoubtedly is a masterpiece, in fact. Close behind comes Bad Timing , an even more daring exploration of character, which is also prepared to look at beauty and horror with the same unflinching eye. More than anyone else, Roeg makes me think “I wish I could do that”. I’m still trying to work out how.


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