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Frost On Glass - Final, final cover

The final, final cover is slightly different from the merely "final" one - which may become a collector's edition along with the famous "Wicked Bible", as it contained a significant number of typos. The lettering typeface is simpler and, I think, a small improvement. You can order it here...


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Frost on Glass---Final Cover

Here’s the final cover for my new short story collection, which will be launched at Dysprosium, this years Eastercon, at The Park Inn, Heathrow from 3-6 April 2015. I will be attending. ‘In the title novella of this collection, a famous, creatively-blocked novelist faces exile or execution unless he can write a new story, and the theme of writing threads through the pages of this dazzling new collection.The book contains eleven stories that explore strange pasts and new futures, plus non-fiction pieces drawn from the writer’s life, substantial commentaries on the origins and development of each of the stories, and a major new essay on how ideas are developed. Both a magnificent gathering of fiction and a penetrating examination of the craft of writing, Frost on Glass memorably showcases and analyses the storytelling genius of Ian R MacLeod.’ Click the picture for a larger size.



Solaris Rising 3 - The Howl

solarisThere's a new story jointly written by Martin Sketchley and me in Solaris Rising 3, edited by Ian Whates. It's called 'The Howl', and is my first ever collaboration... You can buy the book, which also contains stories by many other well-known writers, by clicking HERE


Frost on Glass---New Story Collection

frost-glass tooMy new collection, Frost on Glass, will be published by PS Publishing spring 2015. The brand new title story is a dystopian novella set on a writers' commune, and there's also a long new essay about that perennial subject of where writers get their ideas from, along with ten of my best recent stories bookended by substantial afterwords and a generous selection of some of my other non-fiction writing which has appeared here and there over the years. A big, fat Christmas pudding of a book, in other words. The title reflects the delights and frustrations of writing fiction, which is a theme which runs through much of the rest of Frost on Glass. The contents page will look something like this...


Introduction:  Don’t Look Back.


The Discovered Country

Afterword: Silver Machines


Hector Douglas Makes a Sale

Afterword: A Cul-de-Sac in Los Angeles


Foreword: Different Warts and All

A Truncated Life in Books


The Cold Step Beyond

Afterword: The Future isn’t Real


A Concise and Ready Guide

Afterword: Bloody Dragons


An Empty Grey Cell of One’s Own


Re-Crossing the Styx

Afterword: On Being Dark


The Traveller and the Book

Afterword: On Writing Rubbish


I’ve Got This Idea For A Story…


The Crane Method

Afterword: Rejection


The Decline of the English Ghost story


Letter to Will

Afterword: Those Who Can’t…


Me and the Mushroom Cloud


Tumbling Nancy

Afterword: Other Writers 


Frost on Glass

Afterword: Writer’s Block



Afterword: Volcanoes and Dinosaurs


'Year's Best' Anthologies

dozois 2014 strahan 8 horton 2014

The 2014 crop of 'Year's Best' anthologies have started to arrive, and I'm happy to say that I have stories in the three pre-eminent volumes. Gardner Dozois selected both my 2013 Asimov's stories, 'The Discovered Country' and 'Entangled' for inclusion in his mighty tome, and Jonathan Strahan and Rich Horton each chose one of them.

kasterAnd here's another!


Traveller and the Book

Traveller and the BookHere's a new story of mine which moves into some hitherto little explored Borgesian territory. It's about the megalomania of writing, and how worlds and characters are never quite what you want them to be. And you can read it for free by clicking The Traveller and the Book.


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