Voyages By Starlight Arkham House, 1996 Short story collection
The Great Wheel Harcourt Brace, 1997 Novel
The Light Ages Earthlight/Ace , 2003 Novel
Breathmoss Golden Gryphon 2003, a promotional preview booklet limited to 100 signed copies
Breathmoss and other Exhalations Golden Gryphon 2004 Short story collection
The House of Storms Simon & Schuster/Ace , 2005 Novel
The Summer Isles Aio, 2005 Novel
The Roads James Goddard, 2005. A limited edition of 30 copies of this short story, for private distribution.
Past Magic PS Publishing, 2006 Short Story Collection
The Dead Orchards James Goddard, 2006. A limited edition of 30 copies of this short story for private distribution.
The Summer Isles & Other Stories Hayakawa Publishing, Japan, 2008. Short story collection.
Song of Time PS Publishing, 2008. Novel.
Islas del Verano Ediciones Cuasar, 2008. Short story collection.
Topping Off the Spire Birmingham Science Fiction Group , 2008.
Journeys Subterranean Press, 2010. Short story collection.
Hector Douglas Makes a Sale PS Publishing, 2011. A limited edition, unspecified print run, of this short story.
Wake Up and Dream PS Publishing, 2011. Novel.
Snodgrass and Other Illusions Open Road Media ebook, 2013. Short story collection.
Frost on Glass PS Pubishing, 2015. Short story collection.
Poumon Vert le Bélial’, 2017 French language edition of the novella Breathmoss
Red Snow P S Publishing, 2017. Novel.
Everywhere JABberwocky, ebook collection volume 1. 2019
Nowhere JABberwocky, ebook collection volume 2. 2019