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MacLeod turns. . . . dreams into worlds, and then records them for us to peregrinate, and in all his work is our ingenuity—our science—and both playfully and with gravity throws it against backdrops alien and familiar as what separates us from others sharing our planet is that we are explorers, and though Updike once remarked, "A narrative is like a room on whose walls a number of false doors have been painted; while within the narrative, we have many apparent choices of exit, but when the author leads us to one particular door, we know it is the right one because it opens.", it is the Science Fiction author who comes back and turns false door into portals, and either walks through them themselves or leaves them for others to consider, to catalog, and Macleod's novels are doors; his short fiction, windows.

From Ian R. MacLeod--an Appreciation by Jay Tomio (read the whole article here)


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