Ian R Macleod

Breathmoss & Other Exhalations

First Edition: Golden Gryphon Press, 2004 buy from amazon
Breathmoss   Other Exhalations
MacLeod's fancy roams gloriously free in these stories, and its synergy with his command of the textures of ordinary life makes Breathmoss a brilliant book, the schisms in its creative heart luminously reconciled.
Nick Gevers, Locus, June 2004
The Publisher says:
The literary short fiction of Ian R. MacLeod combines fantasy, science fiction, and horror in vivid settings, peopled with normal humans with normal relationships, and the interaction of the mundane with the fantastic is where MacLeod shows his skills.
Big Lies (Introduction) Breathmoss
The Chop Girl Isabel of the Fall
The Summer Isles Verglas
The Noonday Pool New Light on the Drake Equation
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