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room_2An Empty Grey Cell of One’s Own is a new non-fiction piece about my attitude to writing and the room in which I write, you can read it by selecting An Empty Grey Cell from the main menu or by clicking HERE.



Ebooks---at last

Song of TimeWake  Up and DreamMy two most recent novels, Wake Up and Dream and Song of Time, are now available as ebooks direct from PS Publishing or via amazon. co.uk, just click on your preferred supplier to order. More titles will follow over the coming months.


My story is the lead piece in the June 2011 edition of Asimov's Science Fiction, with this rather nice cover. The link is:




Here's a link to a poem I produced as part of a project with Meadow Arts. The Witness Tree is currently on display at Coningsby Museum, Hereford....



I'll be attending Eastercon this year, and PS Publishing have organised a pamphlet containing both a new story and a new article by yours truly which will be available there, both linked to my soon-to-be-released novel Wake Up and Dream (and it really is getting close now, I promise). Go and take a look at their stall and see what else takes your fancy...


You can now read my story "The Crane Method" at Subterranean Press Online, all for the cost of the click of a mouse...



I'm pleased to say that Song of Time is now available as an audiobook via Audible or Itunes. I haven't listened to it yet, but am looking forward to doing so.


My most recent short story collection, Journeys (Subterranean Press), has been included on Locus magazine's 'best of 2010' recommended reading list. 








I've just sold another new story to Subterranean Press Online. This one is very much in the vein of M R James - an author I've long admired  - and involves cursed Saxon treasure. I'll put up more information when the story comes up online.


My story has also made it to the Audiotext site year's best. If you want to keep an eye out for its arrival, here's the link to their site - http://www.audiotexttapes.net/


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