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Here's the cover  by Edward Miller for my forthcoming short story collection from Subterranean Press

And here's the contents list:

Table of Contents

  • The Master Miller’s Tale
  • Taking Good Care of Myself
  • The English Mutiny
  • Topping off the Spire
  • Elementals
  • The Camping Wainwrights
  • The Hob Carpet
  • On the Sighting of Other Islands
  • Second Journey of the Magus






Sean O'Connell has published a short, new interview with me at http://wortwellen.wordpress.com/, for those interested in my forthcoming novel Wake Up  and Dream it gives a bit more information. The English language version of the interview is here.


hollywoodland-768517You can now read an extract from my new novel, Wake Up and Dream by clicking here. A limited edition of the book will be published in late 2010 by Peter Crowther's PS Publishing.  More information as available.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010 10:07

touchMy recipe for Flying Saucer Pie is now available for your gastronomic delight at the excellent Touch Music website



Tuesday, 02 March 2010 14:24

TheMammothBookofAlternate5456_fMy 2008 tale The English Mutiny has been reprinted in the just published anthology The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories (Robinson) edited by Ian Watson and Ian Whates.






Tuesday, 02 March 2010 14:16

weird_talesI've sold a story called "A Concise And Ready Guide" to Weird Tales. It's a take on vampire etiquette and should be out in their upcoming issue.




Monday, 22 February 2010 16:02

fsflogoI've just sold a new story called Recrossing the Styx to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction


Monday, 22 February 2010 15:44

hotelI'll be attending Odyssey 2010, this year's Easter SF convention in the UK, it runs from 2nd - 5th April at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, London. More information here.



Monday, 22 February 2010 15:27

subterraneanA new short story, Second Journey of the Magus, written for my forthcoming collection Journeys, is available to read at Subterranean On-Line. Lois Tilton reviewing the story at Locus On-Line kindly recommends it and says. . . .

With this powerfully disturbing tale of faith and doubt, MacLeod joins a notable list of authors who have reimagined the temptations of Christ. It is not really an alternate history; Jesus' choice has taken the story entirely out of history into eschatology. This vision of Jerusalem transformed by a Satanic Christ is strongly unsettling in its resemblance to the heavenly city of so many pious imaginations. But the conclusion may leave the reader puzzled as Balthasar finally makes his own choice, which the author leaves us to imagine.


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