Going, going…

I’m in the process of downsizing my library, and have some excess copies of a representative sample of my work that I’m happy to send to good homes. If you’re interested in getting hold of signed (or unsigned) editions, get in touch https://ianrmacleod.com/contact. All reasonable offers considered, as they say. Plus most unreasonable ones as well! The books are listed and shown below…

Past Magic, PS Publishing, hardback short story collection 2006
Journeys Subterranean Press, hardback short story collection 2010
Red Snow hardback novel, P S Publishing, 2017
The Réparateur of Strasbourg hardback , PS Publishing, 2013
The Great Wheel, Harcourt Brace, hardback novel, 1997
The Light Ages, Earthlight, novel, UK hardback edition, 2003
The Light Ages, Pocket Books, novel, UK paperback edition, 2004
The House of Storms, Simon & Schuster, UK hardback novel 2005
The House of Storms, Ace, US hardback novel edition, 2005
The House of Storms, novel, Ace, US paperback edition, 2006
L’Age des Lumieres, Denoel French translation of The Light Ages, paperback, 2005

Wake Up and Dream PS Publishing, hardback, 2011
Aether, Klett-Cotta German translation of The Light Ages, hardback, 2003
Wieki Swiatla, Polish translation of The Light Ages, hardback, Mag. 2003
Les isle du Soleil, French transaltion of The Summer Isles, paperback, Folio SF 2005